At Max Planck Research Group Neuroanatomy and Connectivity
Leipzig (Between October and November 2015)
After the collaboration between artist Clemens von Wedemeyer and neuroscientist Alessandro Tavano (started in Leipzig last year and presented in Venice last May in the Art and Neuroscience symposium series of the AoN in occasion of the Venice Biennale), the residency program of the AoN in collaboration with the Max Planck Research Group Neuroanatomy and Connectivity of the MPI for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences in Leipzig is continuing. Artists in residence are given a desk at the MPI and a studio by HALLE 14 at Spinnerei.
Exhibition project at HALLE 14, curated by Elena Agudio and Michael Arzt. A collaboration with the Association of Neuroestethics. With: Ricardo Basbaum (BR)Paolo Bottarelli (IT)Rod Dickinson (GB)Ivana Franke (HR)Darsha Hewitt (CA)Satch Hoyt (GB/JM)Kapwani Kiwanga (CA/FR)Daniel Pinheiro (PT)Fabian Reimann (DE)Alberto Tadiello (IT),Suzanne Treister (GB)
SIDEWISE IN TIME. Artistic speculations on alternative timelines and impossible chronologies 

Experimental exhibition project in collaboration with the NeuroBureau on the occasion of the 2014 Annual Meeting of the OHBM (Organization for Human Brain Mapping) featuring works by: Anton Burdakov, Marcio Carvalho & Christoph Ploner, Marco Montiel-Soto, Nathalie Regard & Roberto Toro, Mariateresa Sartori